Friday, 28 January 2011

New Year Operations and Plans

Oh my...  a clean blank page...where to make the first mark? Just like facing a new canvas. Its all ready, prepped, primed and... The first mark is the hardest, so here goes... New Year, and I am sitting here nursing my right arm following an arthur-oscopy (sp?) whoever Arthur is. I know its key hole surgery, and I know I had to have it done, because, believe it or not, 15 months or so ago, I slipped while climbing down from the summit of Kilimanjaro - I know, no one would make that up would they? So, after a year of  physio and acupuncture etc, I decided to have it all stitched up together again, so here I am , not able to drive yet - no problem with that, friends are ferrying me around hither and thither - I can walk and I can work, though I have  not yet got back to standing at the eisel - that's my goal for next week, yay! This week I have completed a v small garden design for a projected building development, quite local to here.  Its a tiddlet of a job, but its been interesting working with  the developers/contractors. Nice little one to  do and I am looking forward to seeing it all take shape, but the other one I was working on last week, is going to be a goody! Looking forward to getting my hands dirty on that one. Its local again, which is nice, and I am working with my local  landscapers. I'll put up some photos when things start moving, which is scheduled for March. There's another garden waiting for me to go and survey, so , yes, I have to drive soon! Till then I am sorting photos and planning paintings and drawings for the next Arundel Gallery Trail (August), also gathering and meeting with artists and makers who will show here with me. So its a fertile period, even though my shoulder hurts! Enough for today..... Speak soon