Sunday, 15 January 2012

Other Peoples' Blogs

I had a good week this week - a really good week -  busy, sociable, sunny AND I got to spend a couple of days and a night in energy fuelled. I was taken out to Soho House for lunch on Friday which was cool, and just after we finished lunch, the whole Soho House Group was sold for a wopping big sum...... that's what I call timing.

Then I went to the Haunch of Venison, New Bond Street, London,  to see a small and perfectly formed figurative exhibition. That was exiting and informative.

And then I went to stay with my friend in Notting Hill, who has just bought a rooftop apartment.... what a view from up there, what light from up there - and absolutely nobody overlooking her - I don't usually look out of windows first thing in the morning when I wake up in town, I am usually a country mouse and long for my long views, but......

..... that's what I call a good start to a day, and inspirational for a further  series of my landscape oil pastels and paintings. Have I shown you those yet? Some of them  are up there on Saatchi Online.....

....Anyway,  what I really wanted to tell you about was her daughter's blog - this girlie is Young, and Snappy and London - www.hermionetaylorwhosjack - Her blog is called If You Have To Spend It Then Spend It On This...... I already want to buy/own/give  a few of her choices to date - check her out for that next birthday pressie you need to find. You won't be disappointed.