Monday, 25 April 2011

Sarem Studio Rocks!

Hello I'm back! I feel like I've been way for ages, but I was only  gone for a week... but it was such a great week.

I took myself off to Salisbury, to Sarem Studio, to be exact, to spend my week on a portrait and life drawing course, run and taught by the tutor in charge of painting at The Carles H Cecil Studio in Florence. So, great crudentials and great learning. And that's what it's all about - the learning. I have been drawing for many years but there is always something else out there to learn.

This course was all about a method of portraiture referred to as "sight size". It's an expression I have heard bandied about for quite some time, it's been the fascination of many an art history book after all, but no-one has actually shown me HOW to do it! So it was with glee that I made my first sight-size portrait last week, and do you know what, it's so logical and uncomplicated.... why haven't we all been shown how to?  

To get more info check out Nicholas Beer's book "Sight-Size Portraiture", not a racy title I agree, but a cracking book! And as for Salisbury, what a place, of course the sun helped, but such a bright, gentle, relaxing town. I can't wait till my next course in July....Thanks Nick, enjoy Florence till then

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