Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Grand Adventure Starts Here... Or Does It?

Day one of my super dooper new fitness regime to kick start my grand adventure next year - a cycle trip around Vietnam and Cambodia, for charity, of course - same team as the Kilimanjaro trip a couple of years ago.... but more of that later.

Anyway, I checked all the nuts and bolts on my bike, well, my electrician did - I know, odd, but multi talented and  very useful to have around!.... donned my shades and gloves to look cool and stay warm, in that order (I thought lycra was a bit excessive at this very early stage, and really I wanted to keep something to look forward to!) and bravely set off. I had planned to cycle 3.5 miles this morning, not a great deal, I do know,  and nowhere near our daily target of 60 kilometres, even allowing for errors in conversion, but one has got to start somewhere...

I got out the door,
        I got on my bike,

That was that.   

 Not a puncture, but yes  two flat tyres combined with what would appear to be a broken pump. What are the chances of that happening? To say I was annoyed might be a slight understatement.... but an especially beautiful sunny morning such as this was not to be wasted, so I walked instead, and took some more photos,  and planned some more oil pastel landscapes like these ones, 

which were inspired by a series I did from my walking trip in Drakensberg, which all sold this summer. They are small, around  5 inches square in old money,  and  I am now in full flow, as they say.... in between, that is,  trying to find another friendly electrician who can  mend my pump, so to speak! Hey ho...

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