Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hoe Hoe Hoe

I have just spent 5 hours mulching today - so what, I hear you ask... well for those of you in the dark, as opposed to the green, of mulching, these two photos should clear that up..... Mulch = Miracle Grow. Annual Mulching = Continued Miracle Growing

Our delivery arrived at 9am today, late for that sort of work, but our van driver had already completed 2 drops, in glorious sunshine,  before she came to us. Anyway, by the time we started, the heavens had, of course, opened, so,  for the first hour we soggily, drippily, plodded our way round the garden, lugging 90 bags of fine, rich compost mulch... Whatever it was, the bags were  heavy and wet and we looked forward to our coffee and peppermint tea break. ( I know, I am just too cool!)

 As the morning wore on, the sun donned his hat again, our spirits lifted, and we chatted and lugged and hoed and chatted some more - and I was reminded yet again of how magical a garden is, how uplifting gardening is and how gentle and tender time spent with friends in a garden can be. Even on the wettest, most inhospitable morning, being in a garden is, I believe, good for the soul. It's certainly good for this Soul... even though it will take most of the week to dry out my jacket and boots and clean my nails!

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