Thursday, 24 March 2011

East Beach Eats

Just last weekend, in fresh Spring sunshine, I decided to pop down to East Beach Cafe for their perfect smoked salmon and scrambled egg brunch and it flashed a colourful memory back into my mind of when, once again,   I needed my breakfast-by-the-sea fix, and as I rounded the corner of the award winning building (check it out,, I was flabbergasted, (just too great a word to not use just this once..) to find the sea full of wind surfers. Now this shoal,  (or should it be herd? What would you call a hellova lot of wind surfers in one spot of sea?).. were not any ordinary wind surfers, oh no , this was, of course, the world  championship FINAL ... in Littlehampton, West Sussex, really? Ha, why?  I am still asking too? But it was amazing, look
I remember that morning vividly, and as I rounded the corner once again last weekend, I remembered another significant meal there... Lunch this time, of pan fried mackerel with tiny pieces of roast vegetables and a glass of chilled Sauvignon...perfect, you could almost taste the sea,  and a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would recreate that moment of magic at home.... Well, I thought it was fine, sipped my wine, ate the lot, then looked at my daughter’s face... She wasn't sharing this gastronomic delight  with me. “Don't like it....” to which I replied, "Sorry, never mind I’ll give it to the cats", problem solved.... Or so I thought. Come the morning, I carefully and lovingly divided up the mackerel for them, only to find they too turned up their snooty noses up at this delicacy!

My food and kindness rejected  even by the cats. T’was not a good day.. I think I’ll stick to salads for a while!

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