Friday, 18 March 2011

A Funny Thing Happened to Me Today

This is nothing to do with design or gardens or art... it is just that a funny thing happened to me today.

Last October, I decided to buy a new car, big decision for me. This was to be a replacement for my current car, which is a 5 door hatchback, nippy, diesel engine, German, just getting a bit old, like some us..... So, as I said, I decided to buy an updated version, nippier and newer. As luck would have it though, this particular German car company informed me this week, that in instead of  delivering my new car, last week, as originally promised, I would now have to wait till end September/early October! 

I thought this was pretty odd, so I made a few enquiries.  Of course they were  hugely apologetic, something to do with the radio, believe it or not,  but they were willing to lend me, free of charge, a similar German car, with the same engine capacity, seating etc. until my new car should be ready.... A very good offer I thought, and I agreed with alacrity.

The car hire firm were charming and offered to deliver my temporary car this afternoon..... and at 1pm, the door bell rang, and there a young man stood on my doorstep, with lots of papers to sign. The only problem was,  he was standing next to a bus, so I asked him  why there was a 7 seater people pusher parked at my front door.... He told me, proudly, that it was my replacment car!

Now, I am not big into cars, but even I can tell that to drive a 7 seater people pusher would not be the same at all, at all, as driving a streamlined, pretty fast, hatchback.... Hey ho... They were still charming as I was complaining and, guess what,  I am getting a replacement replacement car next week!

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