Thursday, 19 May 2011

1110 Water and Thought

A friend of mine has so inspired me I have to share. 

Carrie Forman, South African, living in Boston and founder of 1110 gave me one of her beautiful, silky soft vest tops for my morning yoga. Well, this is no ordinary vest, this is... you’ve seen the adverts here, so you know what I mean!

She has printed, on a collection of the finest cotton tops, (also available in tiny baby one pieces, which are just too lovely!) gentle, strong, pure words. So cool, and so peaceful. They are cut to hug, not constrain, long enough to move with you, and in soft gentle non-colours.

The thought behind 1110 is what makes this enterprise unique, I feel.  I have often worked on and with, thought patterns. It is not an unheard of idea that thought has a journey and a life of it’s own and that our thoughts can realise and gain power. It’s quite a mantra in meditation to clear one’s thoughts and to have positive thoughts around, and this is what has cleared Carrie’s mind to create her unique concept, her capsule collection.

Water is her inspiration, her own power wave (excuse the pun!). Her belief in all this started with an introduction to the power thought can have on water crystals. Messages In Water - Dr Masaru Emoto Quite weird, very American, but beautiful too - take a look at that and her very still and clear web site.

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