Friday, 6 May 2011

Summer Time Reds

Friends coming round for supper tonight, granddaughter sleepover-ing till Sunday, still life, "The Family Silver, 2" needs a tweak to finish it off before I go teaching portrait painting for all of next week,  moorhens nesting along castle moat, so a visit necessary before tea-time with oforementioned granddaughter. What on earth and when on earth to do about cooking for tonight...

Sorted - "Gorgeous Greens", by Annie Bell, I think the best of it's kind, along with that pair called "Tender", have you seen those too? Well Roasted tomato and basil soup, tonight, chilled, followed by roasted butternut squash and red onions with seared salmon steaks and salad with harissa dressing.

Soup - in an oven tray, drizzle some olive oil over  1.5kg or thereabouts,of ripe, on the  vine, tomatoes, for about 20 minutes or so (220C)- don't let the skins burn, but make sure the flesh is soft. Let 'em cool then pulling off stalks, whizz through in the blender. Press through a sieve and I though that was delicious enough - but then add salt, pepper sugar, a few drizzles more of olive oil, and basil leaves, all according to your taste. Whizz through again,  then let that cool. 

OMG I think this is the food of the gods!

Roasted squash? You'll have to check out Annie's book. I'm too busy sipping the little extra bit I made of the chilled tomato soup for tonight! But I will tell you about the salmon - marinade the steaks in fish sauce  for a couple of hours before flashing in a frying pan, heated up with  a dollop of olive oil in it. I use a tablespoon of fish sauce per 2 salmon pieces. Oh, and another thing, this works best with skin on, steaks - it goes really crispy. Bon appetit!

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