Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Art Workshop

Had the best day on Monday..... no it wasn't sunny or a holiday or anything like that, I spent the whole day at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester. The morning saw me at an  Outsider and Marginalised Artist Workshop. 
We were offered the chance to create mono prints using Paul Klee's art works as our starting point... I haven't done any mono printing since art school, (properly) and with  my daughters when they were at junior school, (playing) so it brought back many memories and also moved me forward to think of other creative outcomes. After a short demonstration, our group got started and,  as a whole , we were enormously creative and absorbed. Process and product flowed together. 
My afternoon also flowed on seamlessly...... On Monday afternoons a group from the Partners in Art scheme, which is part of the Community Programme at Pallant House Gallery, meet  in the studio  there. The Partners in Art scheme pairs up people who need support to follow their art interests with a volunteer who may also be a practising artist. Together they meet to share and grow their art interests at a time and place that suits them. On Mondays, in the studio, everyone has their own creative project on the go, often working with their 'Partner'. I have been a a volunteer and a "Partner" in this scheme for some time now.
'Outside In' is a project for marginalised artists creating opportunities for people to develop and exhibit their art. Many have exhibited in the studio at Pallant House Gallery. Very well worth checking out regularly or indeed getting involved in. See the Outside In website 
So all in all a complete day of creativity and socialising with other artists - a Red Letter Monday for me!

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