Monday, 21 February 2011

The Power of Music

Last night, not sure what I was expecting, having donned several warm layers, I headed off to Chichester Cathedral, home of the famous Chagal window, (which incidentally I think should be back lit when there are evening events..) and John Piper's and Graham Sutherland's wonderful art work, I was unexpectedly moved to tears and then whoops of joy by the Creole Choir of Cuba - If we ever needed a reminder of how passionate and moving music can be, here it was. 6 women and 4 men, dressed in glorious colour, dancing and swaying, sang of their pain and suffering, about their forebears' near slavery in the sugar and cotton plantations, about the harshness of life in general and, in particular, the disaster which befell Haiti last year. I cried, I felt deep deep sorrow... without even understanding a word of Creole, Cuba's second language

During the interval we strolled round the cathedral, soaking up  the atmosphere, gazing in wonder at not only the grand architectural mass of this building, but enjoying anew its glorious art work.... returning to our seats, a little warmer from our stroll, we were  lifted to an entirely different level - this time a place of laughter and rejoicing... it was rich, it was genuine and deeply felt and it was all a passionate reminder of the power music has to move  and hold us...... Follow this tour if you possibly can......

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