Monday, 28 February 2011

Spring Days

It's that time of year again - we know these dark days can't go on for much longer... but we aren't sure yet! So, Sunday, a glorious sunny bright morning full of "that" promise,  saw me leaping around in my garden again, snipping and tweeking and tutting, so I wouldn't miss anything.... and it was great! And no the sun didn't last, so that by tea time it was raining again.... but hey, today I am looking out on it all now, and yes,  it's grey again, but that's OK because really,  we are only on the cusp of February and March, and it WILL  get brighter, and last night's post heavy-weather sky was glorious and dramatic and star filled.  Purses and silver linings or clouds or something?....

Friday too I was in garden design mode, but this time for a client. We spent at least an hour chatting again (I had visited before and Friday's  visit was to survey and measure) and then I paced around measuring and looking and tutting again. It is not a big garden, but it is private and quiet and it is greatly loved by it's owners, who want to create a space of sanctuary and charm which will also provide a safe place in which their grandchildren can play.. so not too much to think about hey!! 

They came to visit my art exhibition at the Arundel Gallery Trail last year, which, by nature of the work on show, also highlighted my garden.... which brings me back to grey days and/or sunshine.... it's not long to go now, and when Spring does spring it will be particularly glorious this year, as all the very early stuff which has been delayed by the harsh weather  will burst at the same time as the later stuff, now ready to leap into action a bit early! Spring will be sprung and the grass will be ris again very soon!

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