Monday, 14 February 2011


"I can't believe it's Friday, again, already, whatever... all of that. Busy week, but what's the outcome  of all of it? I remember when I felt I was only  "achieving" if I was constantly rushing around. Energy out only ever counted if I was totally exhausted by the end of my week. I have been busy this week. I have  moved a lot of things around. And I am not exhausted!

On Wednesday, for example, I had a lunch meeting with my group of artists who exhibit with me in the Arundel Gallery Trail ....  We sorted it all - persuaded one of us, who is going through  a lot of changes  in her life, to stay  with us and  to show her wonderful work again here - agreed on taking on 2 new artists to show here, that makes us a total of 6, exiting - and we also discussed the merits or otherwise of pink diamente Donald Duck pants... did that really happen? And why did she tell us that? Ha!

The day before had been sun filled. Yes,  weird,  I saw a strange orange glow in the sky and headed out to my little patch here which has been crying out for some TLC... and I gardened for two glorious hours, pruning roses, cutting back my collection of grasses, musing, planning. I had my garden studio doors open for the first time this year yay!  I took photos and I plotted and planned some more.

This was all "work" but it didn't  feel like "work", it wasn't draining me, rather it was giving me energy - It's all wrapped up together, its all about "growing"... and last night I went to a fabulous, moving, energising, raw and beautiful dance performance at Chichester university, by a modern young dance company called Lila Dance - check them out on and try and see them on this tour if you possibly can.  Watching them move in and out of deep shadows and bright light not only inspired my own painting, but also provoked a feeling of general creativity. Things aren't/don't need to be in boxes - its all linked and it flows - I know it all sounds a bit  happy clappy, but if we can see things joined together rather than sparring with each other, we  begin to paint the real picture, and we can begin to measure achievement in "real" terms  too.
Here endeth the sermon, which wasn't, of course, supposed to be a sermon in the first place, rather a Friday night chat!

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